How To Choose A Good Boarding School

Choosing a good boarding school is an important aspect and selecting the right school will make children grow into confident and dynamic adults. There are several options that are available for parents and it is advisable to consider the pros and cons of each school, under each category.

In order to choose the school that is best suited for one’s children, one must first understand the various types of schools that are available and also consider whether the benefits of the school outweigh the cons. International schools and military schools are main types of boarding schools.

International Boarding Schools

International boarding schools are often privately run schools that are managed by a board of directors and a chairman. These schools are suitable for dynamic and fast growing children, who have shown tendencies for independence from their early stages. Some of the features of international boarding schools are listed below and they will help you select the right school.


International schools are known for their diversity in culture and ethnicity. One can find children from different parts of the country in an international school and this environment is conducive to growth and learning. Children are encouraged to interact with each other and the atmosphere brings out the best in introverts as well. While studying amidst such diversity, students will learn to respect and understand different cultures and this will help in their growth as individuals.


International boarding schools are almost entirely coeducational and these provide children with the opportunity to interact with children of the opposite sex and these also help in removing any form of timidity. Over a period of time, children learn to adjust to the presence of the opposite sex and this will help them in the future, when they have to work with different people.


International boarding schools have some of the best infrastructure and facilities. Facilities for tuition and sports are excellent and children gain a competitive edge when they graduate from these schools. International schools also provide first class hostel facilities and many schools have air conditioned hotels as well. Good quality bedding and clean toilets are provided.

Military Schools

Military boarding schools have been around for many years and there are several high quality schools that are available. Military boarding schools offer classes from standard V onwards and they are renowned for producing disciplined and fit individuals. Some of the aspects of military schools are:

Physical Activity And Discipline

Military and army schools stress the importance of physical activity and the students can choose from a variety of sports that are available. Many schools offer both indoor and
outdoor facilities for sports. Military schools offer children activities such as rifle shooting and cross country running. Military schools follow strict regimes and children are trained to be disciplined. Strict timings are followed and children are encouraged to be prompt.

Fees Structure And Admission

Military schools required children to pass an admission test before they are given admission. The fee structure varies according to the school and there are separate structures for NRI’s and resident Indians.

Making an informed and correct choice in this regard will enable your children to be prepared for the competitive and dynamic world.

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