The Importance Of Choosing The Right Pre-School

Choosing a good pre-school sounds like an easy task, however when it comes down to the actual decision making, it can be quite tricky. In recent times numerous plays schools and pre-schools have opened up making the choice much more difficult. Choosing the right playschool will benefit your child in the long run and parents will have some of the responsibility taken off their shoulders as well. This article will outline some factors that parents need to look at and also the importance of choosing a good pre-school.

Mental and Physical Development

Even at an early age parents are concerned about the mental and physical aspects of their child’s development. Both these aspects are extremely important and they go hand in hand. A child who spends a lot of time at home, might not be able to develop in an all round manner. Children who attend high quality pre-schools are encouraged to take part in various physical activities and also in basic education related programs. This enables children to start learning and grasping things from an early age. Recent studies have shown that children who attend pre-schools are much more likely to succeed when they reach the kindergarten level.

Importance of ABC

Studies have also shown that children who attend good quality pre-schools have a better knowledge of mathematics and a better grasp of vocabulary than those who do not. Children above the age of two years are exposed to alphabets and numbers and they are allowed learn them at their own pace. This makes it easier for them to adapt to the life of kindergarten in a few years time as well.

Importance for Working Parents

One of the most important functions that pre-schools perform is enabling working parents to shed some of their responsibilities. Since some pre-schools also act as day care centers, parents can have some peace of mind when they are at work. Moreover, children will get used to the absence of parents and separation during the kindergarten stage will not come as a shock to children. Good pre-schools help in making the transition much easier for
both parents and children.


Good pre-schools are a place where children learn to socialize and express themselves. Children are also exposed to music and activities such as singing and holding hands. Such social activities are extremely beneficial for children in the long run. Many kindergarten teachers are of the opinion that children who have already been exposed to such a social environment perform much better at this level. Pre-school children acquire good behavior management skills as well.

Exploring New Ideas

Children learn a lot from their peers and they will be able to explore new ideas and build self confidence. This is an important function that is performed by pre-schools. Children also learn to be independent and do small things such as pouring juice for themselves or helping in setting up snack tables.

Pre-schools perform an important function in today’s world and choosing the right pre-school will help your child develop in an all round manner.

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