Important Tips to Prepare for 10th Board Exams

Board exams play a vital role in shaping the future career of any student as the grades which a student is able to secure in the Board Exams essentially shape the future prospects for the student.

The 10th Board exams are just round the corner. Below are listed some important tips which will help you prepare effectively and secure a meritorious position in the examination.

Thorough Knowledge of Syllabus

Our education system is such that the student is rarely aware of the syllabus. They tend to follow the directions which their teachers give them throughout the 10 years of their school lives. However, the situation is bit different in class 10th and the student needs to be aware of the exact syllabus which they need to follow.

A better way is to consult your teachers on the exact syllabus format or get the copy of the same from the website of the concerned school board, be it Central Board for School Education (CBSE) or any other regional board.

Find a Quiet Corner of the Home to Study

To prepare effectively for the examination, you need to identify a quiet corner of the home, so as to study in peace and prepare comprehensively for the examination. Ensure that you are away from any kind of electronic gadget, be it television or radio as you start your preparations for the upcoming examination.

Electronic gadgets are a source or distraction and your valuable time will get wasted in case you start watching television in the middle of your study session.

Take Help from Sample Papers

You can take help from sample papers which are available at any given bookstore in your city or town. Besides having a copy of previous year’s question paper, these sample papers have a range of other sample questions for one to solve. This gives the student a fair idea of the format of the question paper as it will appear in the examination.

Solving these sample question papers will help you revise as in all its probability these sample question papers cover the entire syllabus. Some sample question papers come along with answers and you will be able to get a fair idea of length of answer you need to provide for any given question.

Try to Develop a Conceptual Understanding

The common tendency among students is to cram the syllabus without understanding the basics of the topic or subject. This tendency is to be avoided if you are seeking to get good grades. A distinct disadvantage of cramming down the syllabus without understanding is that in case the question appears in the examination in some other form, you might end up in trouble. If however, the syllabus has been understood effectively and the basics of the topic are clear in your mind, you will be able to solve any given problem with minimal efforts on your part.

Have a Healthy Diet

Following a healthy dietary schedule is important when you begin preparations for the examinations. Ensure that you take a light dinner whenever you plan to study till late. Overeating decreases the grasping power and you will feel lethargic all the while. This will create difficulty for you when it comes to remembering facts and figures.

Studying till late hours should be avoided in the later stages of the exam preparation. You should never remain awake till late night a day before the examination as this can create headache, the next morning and you might end up in trouble.

Make Brief Notes

Making brief notes of the topics always helps and you should prepare brief notes of whatever your teachers share with you. These help you prepare effectively as and when the exams approach.

Do Not Leave it for the End

Start preparing for the board examination from the day your session begins. Do not leave the things to the end as this can create unnecessary pressure on you and can affect your examination results eventually. Keep some dedicated hours for studying from beginning of the session and study on a daily basis.

Follow the above listed tips and you will be able to secure a meritorious position in your class 10th Board Examinations.

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