This section of the Oxford School website is to support our 'Laptops for Learning' programme.It has been running for a number and before that we had been planning for it for almost ten years. We have been impressed with the opportunities it has opened up for our Secondary students (Years 7 to 13).

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Changes in student learning

These may be summarised as follows:

  • Laptop students are better writers, outperforming their non laptop peers in content, organisation, language/voice/style and mechanics.
  • Students report that computers allow them to do more extensive editing, redrafting and improvement of their writing.
  • Laptops encourage collaboration amongst students.
  • Laptop students are more confident in their computer skills as a result of increased access.
  • Laptop students report that using computers increases their pride in their work.
  • 80% of teachers report that since introducing laptops into their classrooms, students more often explore topics on their own and work on longer projects.
  • Laptop students are more likely to agree with the statement, “Computers help me improve the quality of my school work.” Non-laptop students are more likely to agree with the statement, “I enjoy playing games on the computer.”


We are committed to keeping children safe while online and spend a significant amount of time in school teaching our students how to recognise inappropriate ways of using technology. We also recommend the following website for up to date information about eSafety issues. eSafety at Oxford