Stages of School Education in India

Every parent is concerned about their child’s education and wants to provide the best education to them. Nowadays child’s education is beyond learning how to write and read. Child’s education means child’s grooming, enhancing his knowledge, exposing him to different ideas and introducing him to the environment around him. When we think of our child’s

10 Tips to Master Maths for School Children

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas” -Albert Einstein  Maths – a subject that few love and most children are scared of. The reason being, scoring in maths is not easy. Continuous poor score in maths, tests the patience of students who finally give up considering, maths is not their cup of tea. Teachers and

Tips to prepare your child for school

Preparing your child for school could be an exciting time for you and your little ones. At the initial stage, it could be a little difficult for your child to settle in a new environment and schedule. But with proper encouragement, your child could easily adjust in a school regime. We’ve complied a couple of useful tips

How to find the best school for your child?

How to find the best school for your child? Finding the right school for your child can be pretty daunting if you are a new parent. Choosing the right school for your little ones, make all the difference helping your child do well in academics and develop an overall personality. There are various school boards in
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