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our teachers

A commitment to caring and lifelong learning Oxford English School is committed to recruiting teachers who are highly experienced, dedicated, and passionate about their subject and age range, and excited by the prospect of working within a dynamic, diverse community.

Open-minded and curious, our teachers make discoveries between subjects, forming connections across disciplines. Classroom practices emphasize active, collaborative learning. Team-building activities, workshops, conferences and lectures by leading educators are among the initiatives we employ to develop our staff's teaching skills.

Professional development is an ongoing priority, as we strongly believe that a school flourishes when its teachers are committed to lifelong learning. In identifying potential staff we take into consideration their professional experience, their formal education, their length of tenure at their previous schools and their ongoing commitment to professional development. We are fortunate to have an outstanding team of teaching staff, with a tremendous experience base and background.

In short, our professional standards and expectations are high, and the support in place for our teachers is substantial.


Teaching Excellence

Walk through the classroom door and you know the atmosphere is intense. Every child is involved, there is silent concentration and there is excitement and there is laughter. This is teaching as it should be.

How is it done?

The teachers are invariably passionate about their subjects. They have the highest possible expectations of every child. They are experts in the craft of the classroom. Teaching excellence is our goal. The most important thing we can offer our pupils.
  • We promote and preserve the unique character and identity of our school.
  • We foster best practice in every aspect of our schools' provision.
  • We support and monitor teacher performance, investing in regular and appropriate staff training and development.
  • We strive to challenge all children to realize their full potential in all fields of endeavour.
  • We encourage open and effective communication between our schools and our parents.
  • We seek to engage and work with our parents at every available opportunity.

  • Student life


    The OXFORD ENGLISH SCHOOL cafeteria service is provided by an outside catering company and is closely monitored by the school administration, together with the Health & Safety Committee of the OXFORD ENGLISH SCHOOL Parent Teacher Association. Emphasis is put on healthy snack and lunch options and catering to the various dietary restrictions of our international community.

    Student Counselling

    The Role of the School Counsellor

    Today's school counsellors are vital members of the education team. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement; personal/social development and career development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.


    Our mission in the Counselling programme of an IB world school is to support student academic achievement through incorporating leadership, advocacy and collaboration, equity and access to opportunities, supporting a safe learning environment and working to safeguard the human rights of all members of the school community.


    We provide services to students, parents, school staff and the community. The student counselling programme addresses the needs of all students through prevention and intervention programmes that are a part of a comprehensive school counselling programme.

    This includes:
    • Showing respect and empathy for other cultures, traditions and individuals maintaining healthy relationships with peers and adults resolving conflicts through communication being aware of the impact of their actions and enriching their community being able to make transitions gaining an understanding of a balanced life
    • Understanding and developing a positive self-image
    • Implementing an effective decision making process
    • Setting individual, realistic, achievable goals
    • Developing effective study skills

    • The Counsellors

      Shool counsellors serve an important role in maximizing student achievement. Our work is di differentiated by attention to developmental stages of student growth including the needs, tasks anand student interests related to those stages. We develop confidential relationships with s students/parents and staff to help them resolve or cope with problems and dedevelopmental concerns.

      We provide:
      • Individual or group counselling
      • Consultation with parents, teachers and other educators
      • Preventive Group Work (body image, health, IB support, study and test-taking skills, organization skills, transitions)
      • Individual Development and Support (academic guidance, personal/social support, family support)
      • Parent Support (parenting workshops and discussion groups)
      • Student Support Team (communication between students, teachers, parents and administration)
      • Classroom Interventions and Guidance (feelings awareness, conflict management, decision -making, friendship, life skills)
      • Referrals to other school support services or community resources
      • Peer helping
      • Information