Which Laptop?

So what kind of portable computer will best support students in their learning at Oxford English School?

We have learnt over the years that students are not able to complete their school work unless their laptop is of a certain standard so we have agreed on the following minimum specifications for laptops the students are required to provide.

Minimum Specs

12" screen, 4GB Memory (RAM), 120GB Hard Drive, Windows 7 Professional, USB 2.0 port, 802.11n wireless capability and students should have their own headphones (or ear-pieces) for their laptop.


We recommend that a similar laptop to the ones the school purchases would be most compatible with the systems and teaching here at Patana. In particular the 802.11n wireless connection will allow students to take advantage of our powerful wireless infrastructure. Currently we recommend the Acer Aspire V5-471P-53334G50Mass

Top 5 List

Here is a list of the top five things you should consider when buying a laptop for school.

  1. Price. A portable computer is more susceptible to loss and damage than a desktop computer so don't choose a very expensive model.
  2. Features. Wireless enabled, USB ports, long battery life, comfortable touch pad.
  3. Warranty. A service agreement with a local company will give you peace of mind and maximise your 'up' time.
  4. Software. An internet browser, antivirus protection and suite of office programs is a must. See the 'software' button on the left of this page for more information.
  5. Size and strength. Light enough to carry around school yet strong enough to last for many years.


We are committed to keeping children safe while online and spend a significant amount of time in school teaching our students how to recognise inappropriate ways of using technology. We also recommend the following website for up to date information about eSafety issues. eSafety at Oxford