All students should have a web browser and the basic office suite including a word processor, spreadsheet and a drawing program. Students may choose to use Open Office (free) though others will prefer to use Microsoft Office which can be installed free under the school's licence*. The school's 'Microsoft Agreement' licence permits students to have their Windows operating system upgrade to the latest version on the laptop they use at school*. With this in mind, students about to buy a new laptop should ask for "Windows Starter Edition" which will cost 1500 baht. They can then upgrade Windows and install Office at school at no extra cost. Please visit the IS/IT Department to arrange this*.

All students' laptops should be protected with anti-virus software which updates daily. We recommend Sophos as this is the software that is used on school computers. Students can obtain Sophos from school for use on the laptop they bring to school. Please visit the IS/IT Department to arrange this*.

Certain school software licences allow students to install programs such as Pro Desktop and Autograph on their personal computers for school work.

During the last 12 months we have seen a move to cloud computing. At Patana each students has access to Google Apps linked within the Patana domain. This means students can create documents using their web browser which are stored on Google's web servers. They can access these documents from any computer with internet access. It is very easy for the students to use these documents for collaborative work with other students.

Here are some great interactive websites to help you be creative with your learning. Click on the links to find out more.


Older students specialising in certain curriculum areas may wish to buy more powerful software packages such as Photoshop and Sibelius to support them in their studies. their subject teachers can best advise them in these matters.



We are committed to keeping children safe while online and spend a significant amount of time in school teaching our students how to recognise inappropriate ways of using technology. We also recommend the following website for up to date information about eSafety issues. eSafety at Oxford