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Oxford English School
Mutloor Bypass Road, Thillainayagapuram, Near Vandigate,
Chidambaram- 608001, Cuddalore Dist, Tamil Nadu,
South India, India.


Tel: +91-7373030417, 7373030412, 7373030414, 7373030421 

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Note: The Standby Operator is for last minute changes or emergencies. For all normal requested or concerns, please contact our Customer Service during normal business hours.

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Oxford English School


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Oxford English School Bus Service provides point to point transport
for students. The school also runs shuttle buses to and from our city few times a day.

School bus Contact Information

Customer Service: Mobile: +91-7373030417, 7373030412, 7373030414, 7373030421

Office hours: Monday-Friday 08:00 a.m.-06:00 p.m.