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Oxford English School is accredited by the Indian Government CBSE syllabus as majority of school run under this program in Tamil Nadu and hopefully, we will get Government approval certificate very soon as our request is under process in our favors.

In addition to CBSE program, we are planning to authorize International Baccalaureate (IB Diploma) World School which we will offer the two year IB Diploma Programme as our pre-university curriculum with students aged from 16 to 18 years of age in future if the student interested to have this diploma as it is absolutely their own will and option.

There are 966,000 students studying IB curriculum in 3,298 schools, in 141 countries all around the world which is not only in India but internationally accredited and recognized pre university IGCSE- A-Level diploma which allow your children to pursue and continue their further undergraduate education immediately without any entrance examination to any interested colleges, institute or universities in anywhere in this planet.

This British National Curriculum exam will be arranged with the collaboration and cooperation with British council, chennai in Tamil Nadu at India.